This is the project of making a sculpture by using a recyclable materials.
My friends and I choose Pitchers Plant for our subject matter since Pitchers  Plant is one of the special characteristic plant in our country, Malaysia. And we used wire as as a framework and 100% covered with green plants as Secamone alpini, dry leaves and grass leaves. 

Talking wall is a project of expression from the wall that gives a message through the design. 
I choose to make 4 walls with different colours and different pop-up pattern because it tells us that Humans are different from outside and inside. 
This is the study of transformation colours and shape.We have to study the transformation of colours and presented in a motion kind model. So I choose blue-violet range colours and a tunnel shape to show the motion of colours and shape. 

This is the model for office design. A study about space planning in my second semester, Year One.